Why the Right Copywriter will Boost Your Traffic

Fire your copywriter.

Unless your copywriter is writing for a printed book or periodical, he or she may not be a good copywriter for your digital marketing needs.

Why the distinction?

Because the digital space is CROWDED. There is content flying at your potential customers every second of the day, all day long and YOUR content needs to stand out. Yet the internet is how discovery happens for most of the world today.

But before your masterpiece of written copy can even stand out, it first needs to make it into search feeds, whether we’re talking through search engines or through social media.

Let’s make this clearer: say someone likes your company’s Facebook page. Just because someone LIKES your page, doesn’t mean they’ll see the content you post. Have you ever thought about why content makes it to one person’s feed and not another person’s?

This is why choosing your copywriter is so important when it comes to digital marketing and boosting your audience engagement.

Here are the basic essentials to writing good copy and boosting traffic to your business:


This seems obvious but, more often than not, people fail at this very obvious essential. When people write, they typically write in the style of their own personality. In essence, they are writing for themselves, and not the audience they have or are targeting. Perhaps you’re a chef that is selling a knife sharpener because you think other chefs will understand the value of the knife sharpener you’re selling. But what if the traffic currently coming to your site primarily consists of hunters? Tools like Google Analytics are free and give you a wealth of information about the people currently coming to your site. This is just scratching the surface, but few businesses take the time to truly understand their customer profiles.


No matter what you’re selling, chances are that someone else is selling what you’re selling too. Your content needs to be “better” than your competitors but you need to be objective in judging this. Here’s how you do that: Google the item you’re selling – who is on page 1? Read the content of the top ranked pages on the search engine results pages. While ranking your site onto page 1 of search engine results pages (SERPs) is categorized under a discipline called Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), increasing your clickthrough rates (CTR) is something altogether different. Increase your traffic volume by giving your audience a better understanding in what you are offering in your rich text snippet and page title.


Your first sentence should be a bold and clear statement that is directly related to what you’re offering. Your audience is varied, but one item means more to your overall audience than anything else. Find out what that is and play with the copy. You’ll see dramatic increases in site visits, retention and even conversions with well-written copy.