What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics describes the deliberate process of planning and directing the collection, processing and analyzing of raw data and turning into actionable, predictive intelligence.  In the Intelligence community, we call this process the Intelligence Cycle.

data analytics

In an age where the internet dominates new information discovery, the amount of data being generated every second is more than any human can handle without an analytics program. The data you may or may not realize you’re collecting is powerful in the right hands — as well as in the wrong hands.

That’s why our analytics team is staffed with the best intelligence professionals in the world.  With years of intelligence experience in the US Intelligence community, not only are our team of elite analysts extraordinarily trained and operationally proficient at designing and implementing data collection plans, we are pre-eminent experts in predictive analytics and secure intelligence.

Can’t afford a full-time team of top data analysts for your organization? We can help you with a variety of solutions.

Data Analytics Services


Merge Google Analytics with disparate data sets
Most of your customer’s data is transacted on the internet, so you need a robust collection and analytics plan for it.


“Small” to Big Data Analytics
No matter how big or “small” your data sets, we’ll help you separate the noise from your data and draw out actionable intelligence for your business.


Analytics begins with Data Collection
What data you collect as well as how and why you collect data are critical considerations for any serious Intelligence & analytics professional.