What is Search Engine Optimization?

You might have heard of the term Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) because it has been around since the internet first originated. But just because it’s been around a while doesn’t mean it is anything like it used to be. Back when the internet was first available to the public (hard to remember those days, huh?), very few people were actually on it. And of the people who were early adopters, what they were doing online is wildly different than what they use the internet for today.

Even though it might seem like the internet has been around forever, it really hasn’t. Even in the early to mid-2000’s the internet was barely populated compared to what it is like today. Now, not only is almost every human being on the planet connected to the world wide web in some form or fashion, but there are an average of more than 5 internet-connected devices for every human being on the planet.

So if you had to build a search engine called Zoogle, how would you determine what results you would list when a user Zoogled something from anywhere in the world? Your brain will hurt just thinking of tackling this problem and building an automated algorithm that generates results no matter what someone types. Understanding this algorithm and nurturing the elements that search engines deem most important is essentially what SEO is.

This is highly complex and changing constantly as more and more users gravitate towards the internet for discovering the world around them.